When it comes to social media platforms, you can find hundreds of applications in your App store. As this pool of innovative social media apps grows, how will it change the scenario for social media platform marketers in 2020?

Surprisingly, many expert social media marketers believe that growing numbers of apps will not make a difference. But it does not mean that marketers should not pay attention to the evolution of older platforms. The social media utilities and tools keep on updating daily, adding more new ways to track, maximize, and connect the online marketing performance.

This is what keeps social media platforms thriving. With 90% of millennials using various platforms regularly, it is important to learn what new social media platforms marketers should watch in 2020.  

Instagram is Still Important

Many brands, for example, often consider Instagram’s likes, followers, and comments to measure their popularity and recognition. However, liking and following on Instagram is more like a social engineering trick of brands to make it an obsession for people. It often hurts people’s mental health.  This is something that stymies the meaningful flow of engagement among people.

Considering this, Instagram has become one of those social media platforms that are making their “like” feature less prominent. That means you will not see the number of likes on others’ posts. But you can see the number of likes your posts get.

Instagram has taken this idea to depressurize the followers and combat fake comments and likes. This strategy of padded numbers makes influencers and brands appear with a stronger social media presence than they have in reality. 

That means, if the likes feature goes away, brands, influencers, and marketers will have to adapt to the new changes.

Video Stories For The Win

Like Instagram, video stories will continue to be the king of content in the world of social in 2020. In fact, according to a recent survey, video stories make 82% of internet traffic. Even cameras vendors reported huge increase in sales. As various social media platforms are looking for innovative ways to prioritize video stories, marketers also aim to make videos as part of permanent strategies to attract an audience or specific markets. 

That is why it is important to observe how video content format reshapes its market closely. The emphasis will be on engaging and creative storytelling to capture the user’s attention and engage him/her.

The emphasis on video-driven platforms means applications like byte, Lyso, and TikTok will also continue to be in popularity. TikTok, in this regard, is the new social media disruptor, especially when you talk about Generation Z users.

The video application is all raging and quite well-positioned.  Simply put, the social media platform offers tons of opportunities for marketers and influencers. 

New Platforms Emerge

Video-driven platforms are not the only popular thing you will see on the rise in 2020.  Live broadcast channels such as Caffeine.tv will gain more popularity. As live broadcasting has become one of the booming industries,  the app will offer some interesting features to make live streaming more fun and easier. You can create your broad live cast for followers and friends. Plus, the broadcast shows up in a newsfeed where the user can respond with an emoji reaction or comment. 

Moreover, you can do live streaming of your TV screens and computer while playing video games. This has made Caffeine a strong competitor to all game-streaming services. In short, this application has gained a lot of interest in a younger audience. That is why more and more marketers might use it to improve your brand identity through strategies like Q&As, behind-the-scenes, and live videos.

House party is another video messaging application that allows people to do video chats with at least eight users at the same time. Not only this, there are stickers, and video filters to make your video chats and live conversation more fun. 

The good news is that the House party has gone through some interesting evolutions with a large bump of user ship. The app is all raging on the app store chart with its 20 million current users. In 2020, the app makers are considering expanding Houseparty by launching some more features like in-chat gaming.

Started in 2018, Lasso is Facebook’s application to compete with video-driven apps like TikTok. You can make short videos and post them with musical overlays. According to many social media experts, Lasso is a promising platform for future marketers. The app will take benefits from Facebook users, financing, and resources. 

Overall, as we are close to a decade down, there is no denying that social media plays an important role in everyone’s lives. It has a foreseeable future. That means brands, businesses, and the average users must anticipate the growth and future of these platforms. Thus, the given details highlight some new trends for marketers to watch out for in 2020.